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An extract of where I spoke or provided Information & Cyber Security consulting, training or education

mysecurityevent Munich
Rethink IT-Security Berlin
9th – 11th November 2021 // Berlin, Germany
5th Digital Banking Summit
28th – 29th June 2018 // Munich, Germany
20th – 22th September 2018 // Munich, Germany
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Service offerings

Here is a comprehensive but not complete overview of what I can offer you. If you miss anything or do not see the topic you are looking for, let me know via the Contact form and we can surely find a solution for what you need together.

Fully digitalized solutions

Everything can be done completely digitally. E.g. if you currently cannot allow external parties within your premises or you simply do not want to arrange travel, accomodiations etc. we can do everything digitally.

Growth and upskilling

Following the learning path will automatically improve your overall level of Security posture and you will have a clearer picture of your future needs and next steps.

Make Security a core value

Through my services, Security will become the needed core value within your organisation and you will achieve a better understanding of how Security plays a role in all daily business/life areas.

Snapshots for improvement

If needed I am able to perform a snapshot of the Security topics which you need my services for and by continously following the best way forward I can visualise for you your areas of improvement and overall growth in your Security posture.

Data & material come free digitally

All presentations, training material, videos and whatnot are part of the overall service and will not be charged extra. You will receive the material either upfront or afterwards based on the service.

Live the energy

I am a bundle of energy and happiness especially when it comes to the Security field. Not much gives me more pleasure than to share my experiences and to teach others. So you can totally expect me to be a good-mood-infectious person whose aim is to leave everyone with the feeling to have learned something valuable and to be grateful to have met me.

Get in touch today!

If you want to get in touch for a first get-to-know you can book a time via my Calendly below. Or if you want to directly book a training or request some more information, send me a mail through the "Contact" button and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Frequently Ask Questions

To better prepare yourself for upcoming questions and interviews, here are the most frequent asked questions for my training and speaker services.

What is ahead Security?

ahead Security is the brand name for the individual enterprise I am operating my consulting, trainer and speaker work under. It serves as a reminder for the mindset which I'm following, which is to tackle challenges and changes ahead as means for prevention.

Who are you?

My name is Max Imbiel. Professionally I am currently the Deputy Group CISO for N26 AG. I live near Munich with my family and I like to go hiking in the mountains, biking, reading and listening to podcasts. You can find me easily on LinkedIn, Twitter and Mastodon.

How do we start?

As a first starting point you can either send me an email through the official Contact form or directly book a first get-to-know via the Calendly snippet. Of course you can also contact/follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Mastodon. In our first call/meeting I will ask you what your need for my services is (specific consulting, trainings, a keynote speaker, an all-staff Security series or podcast entry etc.). Afterwards I will draft a proposal and we will realign. It's as simple as that.

Are you providing specific services and counsultations to my needs and requirements?

What I am offering are Information & Cyber Security consulting, training and education services. Of course I am aligning those based on your background, environment and requirements (e.g. Small-to-Middle Sized Business, Automobile, (Agile) Software Development, Critical Infrastructure etc.). I might need to look directly at your organization and infrastructure to be able to guide and manage you on how you can improve your level of Security.
Due to these possibly critical and sensitive information I might need to look at, I can offer to provide a NDA or are willing to sign an NDA provided by yourself.

What languages are you offering for your material and trainings?

Everything I do I can do either in German or in fluent business English. Depending on your needs, I can also offer to provide data and material in both languages.

When can you start?

As I am working full-time and this is my free-time dedication I am not able to immediately jump on any given timeline. But with enough preparation and planning ahead everything is manageable.